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ACTS 1:8

We believe that the local church is the hope of this lost world. Our primary call in missions is therefore to plant and build local churches in Asia and beyond. We seek to be Kingdom-minded people with a heart to release and to bless the wider Body of Christ. Through local church-planting, we will release more of the gifts and talents in our congregation and mobilize greater resources for Kingdom advance.


mission team

Our mission work is currently focused on these countries in Asia: India (Orissa), China, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia (Batam). Each year, we also send out mission teams to build up the local churches planted by our missionaries and mission partners.


You can join us by:

1. Praying
Be active to intercede for our missionaries and mission partners.

2. Giving
Support our missionaries, sponsor a child in an orphanage, contribute to a student scholarship, etc..

3. Going
Join a mission team.

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Listen to the testimonies of our mission-trippers:

“Everything is a matter of the heart eg when we share from the heart, we can then reach from the heart, we can then reach the heart. How people received from God is not in our control. If our heart is willing, God can use any person…” - Tiffany

“The trip is a positive wake-up call from God to do something about my life. To really mean business with God. To move forward in prayer and Word.” - Nigel
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