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The Equipping Track is a series of courses, classes and seminars designed to equip believers deeper in God’s Word. The courses are planned with 4 specific target groups in mind based on our “Growth Cycle”:

1. 100 series - Converts
2. 200 series - Disciples
3. 300 series - Workers
4. 400 series - Leaders

Past Equipping Track

portfolio image
100 Series 200 Series 300 Series 400 Series
Primary Foundation
DG Experience
Effective Prayers & Hearing the Voice of God
(1.5 Days)
Inner Life Seminar
(Half Day)
Membership Cum Baptism Class
(2 sessions)
  Chinese Preaching Seminar
(Half Day)
Kingdom Invasion Conference
(3 Days)

100 Series: Primary Foundation by Pastor Benny Ho

Day/Time: Online Self-Learning
Facilitator: Your CG Leader/Intern

This is the “next step” for those for have completed the “New Life Kit” (NLK) or for anyone who wish to deepen their Christian foundation. In this 10-session online course, you will learn practical handles that will help you to lay a strong biblical foundation for the Christian life. You will be refreshed again by the basics of the Christian faith, and be revived as we re-visit the apostolic foundation of our Christian faith. After watching the video lesson, you are strongly encouraged to process the lessons at your own time with your CG Leader/Intern.

3 Simple Steps:
i. Go to Youtube app or webpage
ii. Login: (To get the password, register with Bro Richard Goh)
iii. Under "Playlists", choose "Primary Foundations"

200 Series: DG Experience

Day/Time: Flexible depending on group members
Facilitator: To be appointed by Ps Hock Cheng

This is a 6-week environment designed to nurture and deepen your inner life for growth and ministry. During this Discipleship Group (DG) experience, you will journey together with a small group of like-minded people to become a more authentic disciple of Christ. To facilitate the learning journey, you will process together using one of the following books:

* Discerning The Will Of God by Benny Ho
* Cultivating Your Inner Life by Edmund Chan
* Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro
* Roots & Wings by Edmund Chan and Ann Chan
* Mentoring Paradigms (Reflections on Mentoring, Leadership, and Discipleship) by Edmund Chan

300 Series: Effective Prayers & Hearing the Voice of God

Day/Time: Jan 10 (Fri 7.30pm-10pm) & Jan 11 (Sat 9.30am-5pm)
Facilitators: Thomas & Irene Eng (Harvest International Perth)

This workshop aims to teach and equip participants to: a) Pray effective prayers that are in accordance with the perfect will of God; and b) Recognize God’s voice in order to discern false teachings and to hear directly from God as it is the right of every Christian to hear His voice.

Irene and Thomas will also be sharing personal testimonies from their 40 exciting years with God. There will be a segment for personal prayer and ministry.

The following topics will be covered:

1. Importance of speaking in tongues & how to minister the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and dealing with some of the misconception of tongues speaking.
2. How to be led by the Spirit. Will give a brief insight into the spirit realm. A practical session on how to usher in the presence of God by singing in the Spirit.
3. Perfect prayer - praying in accordance with the perfect will of God. A practical session on how to have an effective two-way communication with God in prayer.
4. How to hear from God- dealing with the barriers to hearing, how to differentiate the voice of God from others.
5. House cleansing - exposing the hidden place or power base of evil one through detestable objects brought into homes out of ignorance and how to free yourself from the evil forces of the wicked one.

100 Series: Membership cum Baptism Class

Day/Time: Feb 16, 23 (Sun 2pm-4.30pm)
Facilitators: Ps Hock Cheng and Richard Goh

This class is designed for: a) Believers who need to be water-baptized; or b) Regular guests for 3 months or more. This is a class that will outline the vision, values and vehicles of the church and what it means to become a son and a daughter of this house. It will be a good platform to get to know the inner workings of the church and how things are done in this house.

400 Series: Inner Life Seminar

Day/Time: Mar 2 (Sun 2pm-4pm)
Facilitator: Rev Dr Philip Huan

God calls a leader to rise, but He also shapes the soul of that leader, to be a vessel fit for His use. This is an introductory seminar on the inner life of a leader: A Work of Heart – When God Shapes the Soul of a Leader. A course originally offered for Bible College students, Dr Huan will contextualize for leaders in the local church and marketplace.

300 Series:Chinese Preaching Seminar

Day/Time: Mar 8 (Sat 2pm-5pm)
Facilitator: Rev Dr Emily Tan

In this introductory seminar, you will learn the basics on how to prepare a message for teaching and preaching in Mandarin.

400 Series: Kingdom Invasion Conference

Day/Time: Mar 18-21 @ Singapore Expo Hall 1

Synopsis: At the KINGDOM INVASION 2013 conference, we saw over 4,000 day registrants, over 300 churches and 30 nations coming together to be equipped, trained and released to partner with the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in the area of healing, signs and wonders. Over the three-day conference, we witnessed a total of 1,500 healings and 190 salvation decisions, as well as numerous testimonies of healings, some very notable. In addition, many were prayed for and released with powerful impartations and activations in the Spirit to do the work of the ministry.

From 18-21 March 2014, come join us again at the Singapore Expo Hall 1, together with Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, James Goll and Tom Jones. You will be stirred by the testimonies of God’s Kingdom advancing, be transformed by the anointed Word and challenged to step out into a supernatural partnership with God. This is a unique opportunity you do not want to miss as we bring together some of the leading voices in the Body of Christ today to propel the Church into the fullness of His supernatural power and revival.

Get ready to be rocked, shaken and wrecked by the Presence of God.

Why We Need To Be Equipped

“And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before Him at His coming (1 John 2:28). There are 3 reasons why I enroll in the Equipping Track: 1) I believe the best education is done in a Christian context; 2) Knowing our Creator is a continuous process; 3) I learn truths for application in my daily life. Our God communicates with words that require us to read, think and feel. We are then called to respond in person and mind. Through this equipping, I can seek and serve Him more effectively in the ministry.” –Christina Ong
“I have a simple desire to know Him better each year. The equipping track will give me a more systematic approach to anchor deeper in God's Word. The best time to feed ourselves and build our reserves is now.” – Camelia Ang

How People Have Benefitted

portfolio image Seminar attended:
“Understanding The End Times” by Rev Dr George Annadorai
“The speaker has an in-depth knowledge of the Book of Revelation. It was really exciting as he unfolded the mystery of the book and related it to our present time events. I am awed by the fact that God is who He said He is and will do what He said He would do. He determines the beginning of time when He created the earth and will determine the end of time as well. The end is near, it is urgent that we fix our eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith, to focus on what is eternal.” - Khoo Puay Cheng
Seminar attended:
“Understanding The End Times” by Rev Dr George Annadorai
This seminar especially the part on the opening of scrolls has greatly helped me to understand the major tragedies that are taking place around the world… I went away wanting to know more! We are living in the end times and I see the urgency to reach out to lost souls! - Christina Ong
portfolio imageCourse attended:
“Unlocking The Bible” (Part 5) by Richard Goh
“Through this class, I have learnt that the New Testament is truly a revelation of the Old Testament. It has deepened my understanding of the lives of the older generations, how God treated them and how they responded to God. This class has also cleared many doubts and questions in my mind as to what kind of God He is like and the unchanging ways He deals with man. Now I realised that in order for us to understand or appreciate the New Testament better, we really need to learn the Old Testament. Thank you very much, church, for giving me this opportunity to learn more about God's Word. And thank you, Richard Goh, for your untiring endeavor to help us grow in the knowledge of the Holy Book.” - Ella B. Lingbaoan
Course attended:
“Unlocking The Bible” (Part 5) by Richard Goh
“This class has left a deep impact in my personal life. Now that I can better understand the Bible story, Bible reading is becoming a part of my daily routine. My faith in God has also grown. In the past, I used to see myself as a nobody. Now, I realized that actually I am somebody… all by the grace and gifts of God. Thank you, Shekinah, for this wonderful experience.” - Rolly E. Nacion
Workshop attended:
Creative Worship & Teaching” by Geraldine Tan
Geraldine got me back to what worship is all about. It is not about singing a few songs; it is not about me being inadequate in singing; it is not about me but everything about God! She shared with us what worship would bring about, allowing the kids to sense God's greatness and giving them the right perspective about God. We had two fun-filled sessions learning the actions, trying to sing and laugh at ourselves at the same time; learning how a simple drawing activity can be used to get kids to share their thoughts about themselves and about each other; learning actions, songs and resources (books, CD, Youtube and websites). It is indeed heartening to see Sylvia volunteering for the Children Day's celebration P & W and Ching Ching using the songs learnt in the lessons. The 4/14 Window is here. Let us be equipped with skills such as these to reach this new generation! - Tham Siew Leng
portfolio imageWorkshop attended:
“Creative Worship & Teaching” by Geraldine Tan
“The session on action songs was interesting and fun... I have enjoyed myself and hope that we can have more such training for Sunday School teachers. - Sylvia Sim
Seminar attended:
“Christ In The Tabernacle” by Silas Tan
“My eyes were opened as I discover our Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry in the Old Testament tabernacle. I am so thankful that God sent His Son to redeem us two thousand years ago, and because of His perfect sacrifice, we can now enter the Holy of Holies without guilt and shame.” - Camelia Ang
Seminar attended:
“Christ In The Tabernacle” by Silas Tan
“Just as all scriptures points to Jesus Christ so is the tabernacle that God has painstakingly instructed Moses to build. It was refreshing to discover the reasons why the materials were made in a certain way. There are so much more to learn and hopefully Silas will consider doing another session on this subject. I highly recommend to those who have missed it.” - Richard Goh
Course attended:
“Roots and Wings” (Part 2) by Ps Hock Cheng
“This course showed me a journey of self-discovery on how I can grow my Roots deep in God's Word so I can soar with new Wings of knowledge in a renewed relationship with Him! A must sign-up for those who need to discover themselves in their Christian life journey with God: rediscovered, rejuvenated and re-empowered! - Mona Lim
portfolio imageCourse attended:
“Roots and Wings” (Part 2) by Ps Hock Cheng
“I have learnt the Eightfold Core Curriculum for discipleship. It helps me to see and diagnose what are Surface problems, the root problem of what Christian faced today and what should we do to steer ourselves to the right direction. We shared our thoughts and applications of what we have learnt in class. The interaction and sharing in class not only allowed me to know more about my classmates (Jaime, Sylvia, Mona & Puay Cheng), but also allowed me to know myself better! - Doris Leng

If you are keen to find out more, please write to us.